Completed doctoral theses related to the project

Economic study of private television in Ecuador based on the Communication Law. Application of an expert system of financial analysis (2010-2017).

Theses in progress supervised by IP1 Francisco Campos-Freire:

Sabela Direito Rebollal (FPU): A innovación nas televisións públicas europeas: das canles e audiencias tradicionais ás redes e espectadores sociais.

Isaac Maroto González (FPI): Transmedia advertising communication in the self-promotion of fiction series on audiovisual platforms.

Marta Rodríguez Castro (FPU): The evidence of public value of European regional television. The cases of Germany and Belgium versus the Spanish regulation.

Martin Vaz Alvarez (FPU): A co-creación nas radiotelevisións públicas europeas: Os casos de RTÉ, ARD e Forta. Co-direction of IP2.

Virginia Oya Alcalá: Media literacy in Spanish public broadcasters.

Andrea Valencia Bermúdez: Communicating the value of public service media in Europe. Comparative analysis of RTVE, RTÉ and France TV. Co-direction with IP2.

Ana Zas López: Future of TV news for digital natives in TVE.