Electoral debates in the VODs of the Public RTVs of Europe

January 1, 2020

Project summary

In the public media, the electoral debate is of special interest because of the rules that these televisions must adopt to fulfill their public service commitments and maintain the values of diversity, universality, and participation. In the new scenario posed by VOD’s platforms, the inclusion of these televised electoral debates and variations in their format are presented as an exercise of transparency and a commitment to the country’s audiovisual memory that reinforces the values of diversity, proximity, and representative universality. Methodology: The article comparatively reviews the use of this format in seven of the main public television stations in Europe following the models of Hallin and Mancini and with a regional subdivision within the democraticcorporatist model to obtain results with an ethnical-political cut. Results and conclusions: There is a notable disparity between public televisions that have access to electoral debates on their VOD platforms. The analysis reveals that, despite its importance, the debates are not available in the online media environments, although they are accessible from third-party platforms, mainly YouTube.


Martín Vaz-Álvarez, José Miguel Túñez-López, Carmen Costa-Sánchez.


RLCS, Revista Latina de Comunicación Social

Key words

VOD platforms, electoral debates, public television, VOD, participation, new formats, Europe.