La innovación como agente fundamental del cambio en los PSM europeos

After analysing the 23 interviews with the 18 corporations carried out in this research project, innovation emerges as the key agent of change that European PSBs expect to carry out in the coming years. All the broadcasters that participated in this study agree on the need to progressively adapt to the new realities, for which each of them is designing a strategy according to its own context.

The main areas on which European public service broadcasters are focusing their efforts in terms of innovation are the understanding of content, data and metadata; content creation and production routines, with AI playing a leading role; content distribution through recommendation systems; analytics of actions and results; and improved workflows.

The innovation plans in these media are incremental, in which they try to improve their current structures and products; operational development actions; and other exploratory ones, in which they try to anticipate new developments and trends. In terms of organisational systems for implementing innovation, there are corporations that advocate holocracy or horizontal management, while others arrange their actions vertically, both top-down – requests from top management to journalists – and bottom-up – proposals from journalists to top management.

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